The Multi-Genre Challenge

Label Liberation

A Multi-Genre Challenge
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Leave you pretensions at the door; real writers aren't hindered by genre labels.

genre confusion

Perhaps you're a veteran writer who find themselves specializing in one
genre and avoiding writing -- or perhaps even sneering -- at other
genres. Perhaps you are a new writer who isn't exactly sure in which genre
their writing would flourish, or you need help finding your voice and
opinions that have been so influenced by years of reading and not
putting your own words to paper.

This is a place for you and
anyone else who wants to try writing outside of their usual genre. This is
NOT a place for you to debate the relative worth of different genres
or styles of writing. It is NOT a place for fiction writers to look down
their nose at fanfiction writers, or thriller writers to look down
their nose at horror writers. It is a place to try something new, develop
as a writer, and get critiques on their work.

Challenge: To write at least one story for each genre specified on the table
following the provided definition of that genre. Successful writers will
have their username placed in the community info with a link to their
TAGGED completed work.
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1) Proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization at ALL times. I
can understand occasional mistakes and typos, but this is not a
community for people who haven't learned basic structure. You will be banned if
you blatantly abuse the English language.

2) Though a challenge community, it is also a critique and
showcase community. Therefore, I expect people to review other's works
whenever possible and from experience I can tell you that you will get what
you put out there. (Since this is a multi-genre challenge, you might
want to READ outside of your genre.)

3) All ratings are allowed. Any work above a PG-13 rating MUST be
behind a cut and clearly labeled. Look, I'm not fighting with
livejournal. You break this rule and you're out.

4) Any piece of work that is more than 500 words must be behind a

5) You may write fanfiction if it can fit the genre you are using
it for without making the story an extreme alternative universe. (ex.
you can't make Harry Potter non-magic. You cannot make Buffy not the
slayer. You cannot but the characters from Gundam Wing in high school.)
I'm going to leave this to each individual's discretion.

6) All counted entries not in the poetry genre must be 2-3 pages

7) You may write more than one story for each genre, but only one
will be counted towards your goal.

8) All entries must be tagged with your livejournal username and
the genre it is written for.

9) You may cross-post your story wherever you like. You may not
force someone to go to your journal or community or fiction site to read
your story. While this can be overlooked at times, you may NOT make
people friend you to read your story.

10) You may post reviews of books that are good genre fiction and
discuss them. Use your own discretion for all posting matters.
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Historical Fiction
Science Fiction
Young Adult

If you have any questions, please direct them to the introduction
post that I have made and I will be happy to get back to you within 24

Please introduce yourself! I'll be doing one
myself, so you may follow that format or create your own. Tag it
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