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26 January 2008 @ 10:53 am
introduction! from the girl who was formerly roxiesblues.  
Note: I have noticed that there are some errors with the layout I gave to mona_minya   . Hm. Maybe I should fix those sometime.
Further Note: I am extremely sorry I joined and then didn't post an intro....... until now.

Penname: Aqrima Rayhaan
Real Name:Shana

Age: 17

What Genres Do You Usually Write?: romance, drama (especially dealing with social issues like suicide, mental illness, sexuality, coming of age and so on)

Can You Help People With Those Genres?: Yes. Probably. I can help people to: make romance sound more realistic (I should take my own advice on this point!), make dramatic/traumatic incidents sound more realistic and believable, with language and style, poetry and so on.

What Genres Do You Think You'll Have Trouble With?: any kind of fanfiction, horror/thriller, comedy/humour, adventure/action

Do You Want Help With These Genres?: Yes, of course.

What Genres Do You Enjoy Reading?: teenage novels mostly. But not the sappy love stories. I like romance that's actually decent, coming-of-age novels, novels that deal with so-called different sexualities, and a few adult novels and fantasy books (practically the only fantasy I actually enjoyed was The Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter and the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. And maybe A Series of Unfortunate Events, though I lost interest in that towards the end.

What's Your Feedback Policy?: If your grammar and spelling is decent enough, and if your story is compelling enough and doesn't have too much triteness/too many horrendous cliches and crappy dialogue or narrative... then yeah. I'll read it. My standards are pretty high though. And sometimes I skim rather than read. That again depends on how devoted I am to you and your work and how good your work is.

Are You Willing to Friend?: Hm well. Yes and No. You have to give me a good enough introduction, something I'll be interested in (NO add-me-back? sort of one-liners, please.) You also have to bear in mind that I unfortunately have very little time to spend on the internet - not enough to comment on everyone's journals all the time, anyway - and if you just constantly talk about yourself in your emails to me and don't even ask me how I am or you don't even show much interest in my life - well then, no thanks. (In your journal of course you can talk about yourself, duh. It's just, if we start emailing, I'd prefer more interaction rather than one-sided introspection. I try to take an interest in other people's lives, so I feel it's only fair if they at least try to put up with mine.)

Your journal?: Now that's a complicated story. I must have had at least seven journals in the past year alone.
Well, rubyloved   is the latest. I will try to update I promise. You might want to head over to aqrima   for a bit of intriguing stuff (like my friend Ellie, who posts in my journal because I gave her my password and stopped posting myself. Though she annoys some people, she's also a hell of a lot of fun and she's got greater insight than you might think.) Then there's clementinely. And nomoreforever  which is open to the public and basically has all the posts from my old journals like deeniexand kartiksqueen (the latter of which I deleted.) and of course my very old journal, eyelashe.