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22 January 2008 @ 10:22 pm
Angel of Oblivion  
Author(s):artist aka thedragonwithin
Pairing: none
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: This story contains things of a religious nature that have been twisted. Plus, there's blood and some gore.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language
Summery: There was never meant to be a cross between any of the species of Heaven and Hell after the Fall and the Millennium wars. However, the newly created realm for those spirits sent into the darkness needs a ruler, and needs one that understands both Hell and Heaven, so an exemption was made for one, however, learning what she needed, a Fallen Angel of Ice decides that he needs to rise to power, to take what was rightfully his; Heaven. And the girl is the only way he can get that power.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The plot and characters belong to myself and the voices in my head. Any resemblance to any other plot, character, or even real life person or situation is by pure accident and not intentional. Enjoy!

She was feeling really warm and irritable, something that those under her command didn't like one bit. It was one thing dealing with her when she was in her right mind rather than when she was in one of these moods. Either way, it wasn't very pleasant to deal with her at the moment, but in a war, you did what you had to do in order to survive. If that meant dealing with a very irate Dragon of Heaven, then it meant dealing with one.

Nimora herself wasn't sure why she was so uptight, having a sinking feeling that she knew why. She was a young Dragon by their standards, and just coming into adulthood a few years before as well as a rather high general in the ranks didn't help one bit. She had yet to have a Mating Flight, but truly thought that it would be farther away than she feared it was, and that thought scared her. If she were to Fly now, there would be no way to tell who or what would catch her, since she never really thought about getting a mate and therefore never took any of the males seriously.

But now she was sure regretting that decision. Namor, the Leader of the Dragons of Heaven, told her to stay back until she had at least had her First Flight so that she would be able to at least have a mate and not have to worry about such a complication. However, she was stupid enough to just say that she would be fine and therefore went to her post anyway instead of waiting. And now there was no telling what was going to happen if she went into Flight here and now. And with the way she was feeling, she knew that it was going to happen soon.

“Nimora,” Namor said, dull gray eyes looking into her deep golden ones. “If you can't pay attention, maybe I should dismiss you.”

“There will be no need,” Nimora said, standing up straighter to recover from being caught not paying attention and being pulled from her dark musings.

“As I was saying,” Namor started again. “Kaggren and his elite will be around here, since we have taken care of Zaiki and her Fallen of the Wind and from our sources, he was supposed to be her back up if anything happened. So I would like you all to be careful with your troops. I have met Kaggren many times before he Fell, and he is not a pushover like the rest. He was a Leader in Heaven for a reason, and has retained his title in Hell for the same.”

All of them exited the tent,in Angelic-looking forms, for the reason that they were much easier to hide rather then the bulky hides of being a Dragon. Long crimson hair was braided, falling to halfway down her back where two creamy white feathered wings protruded from her shoulders, which were covered in robes of black, red, and gold with a golden chord tied around her waist. Dark olive skin complemented her dark look well, and brought out her golden caterine eyes even more, if that was even possible. She was a rather nice looking Dragon, in this form and in her full Draconic form. It was a mystery how she didn't have a mate already, but she never thought about it so therefore it was irrelevant.

Stepping out into the fresh air, she inhaled deeply and allowed the cool, rainy atmosphere to take some of the heat away, even if it was futile. It worked for a few moments, and then she was back to being irritable and just incredibly warm. She hated that she would most likely go into Flight soon, and with so many beings around that would be able to try to catch her, she didn't want to think about it. She just hoped that it was another Dragon of Heaven, although she highly doubted it. It most likely would be a Fallen Angel with all of them around in the forests, spying on them. Yes, she knew they were there, but they weren't attacking, and therefore no consequence to her safety or the camp in general, so she really didn't care.

She was the Millennium Dragon after all. One of the most feared of this damnable Millennium War with her kill list long and filled with the blood of Hell's new occupants that would be forever trapped in that plane. Many would like to be by her side for eternity, for once a Dragon had their first Flight, the one who caught them would be their Mate for eternity, no questions asked. One of the downsides that she had found out being what she was. Growling at the fact once again, she walked off to her private tent, trying to hold her instincts at bay.

“I really should have stayed in Heaven,” she groaned, curling up on her cot, tail wrapping itself around one of her legs and wings encircling her like a blanket. “I should have listened to Namor's advice...”

And with that, she fell asleep, hoping to sleep away the need to fly, and see who would be worthy of her eternal loyalty.

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She didn't know that she was up in the air until it was too late. Hell, she didn't even notice that she was awake until she felt the familiar feeling of air under her, going over her wings and through her crimson locks. It felt good just to fly and have the wind gusting around her. But she wanted to fly faster. Do aerial acrobatics that she would never do if she were in her right mind. However, she was intent on giving her suitors a hard time in getting even remotely close to her.

Wait. Suitors? What was going on? Looking around, in her brief moment of sanity, she realized what was going on. And the part that scared her the most was that she couldn't break free from the hold that her instincts had on her actions. Shutting the rational part of her mind down, she allowed what was to happen, well, happen. There was no use in fighting something that she wouldn't be able to stop anyway.

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Kaggren heard a Dragon's call, one that he wasn't familiar with, and wondered what in the three planes of Heaven, Hell, and Mortal was going on. Rushing out of his tent, where he was meeting with his higher ups about potential battle plans and such, he looked up to see a figure darting in the sky, and wondered what was going on. The robes told of Heaven's brood that stayed within the golden gates, but he was still intrigued, and made the fatal mistake of spreading his black feathered wings, a few feathers shimmering violet in the dull light of the cloudy day.

“Kaggren,” Vlad, his trusted friend and right hand man, yelled, running out after him.

“Don't,” Kaggren growled, stopping Vlad in his tracks. “I don't need you getting into something I'm not even sure that I should be. Take care of things here. I have to know why there is a Dragon of Heaven flying around so haphazardly.”

“It will be done,” Vlad bowed, going back into the tent to continue the preparations for battle.

With that, Kaggren flew faster, dark navy blue hair and his robes of dusty gray flowing around him in the wind gusts his wings created. He wanted to know what this Dragon was doing. First off, in her alternative form and secondly, flying around like mad. Speeding up, he was almost knocked out by the images pouring out of the apparently female's mind. This was a mating flight of a Dragon? In the middle of a war of all places? How young and stupid was this female to not have stayed in the safety of Heaven?

Whatever made him fly faster to catch up, he didn't know. He just wanted to be the one that took her in this Flight. If she was stupid enough to fly over his territory and borders that were clearly marked, he was in the right to take whatever he felt was his. And if that meant a virginal Dragon of Heaven, that meant that.

Catching her wasn't as hard as he expected, but she was also inexperienced which worked in his favor in his quest. Taking her by the waist, forcing them to land, he was for once happy that the Dragons stayed in their alternative forms instead of their full ones, or he would have had a massacre on his hands. He knew the rituals of such a thing. He would be forever bonded with this one, who he would find out later to be none other then Nimora, the Millennium Dragon herself. His life had just become more complicated then he ever wished it to be, but at the time, he really didn't care.

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She woke up, tired and sated, and curled up in the warmth of downy black and violet wings. She didn't want to snap awake like she did, realization hitting her that she was now connected with a Fallen Angel. Lifting her head, she looked into the face of a still sleeping Kaggren. She knew him by face only because Namor had pointed it out many times, and was disgusted with herself. Did no one else chase her? Either that or this Fallen was actually faster then any Dragon on Wing. Wouldn't surprise her. They could escape pretty fast if they wanted to get away.

She was pissed now, and no one liked to be at the end of a pissed Dragon's claws. Shifting into her Draconic form, she roared angerly, eyes swirling with red and gold. Raising a claw, Kaggren woke up with just enough time to mutter a 'oh shit' before everything went black again.
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